Launching soon

The Pragmatic Strategist pilot is coming soon. Add your email to the mailing list to get more information about the pilot. Learn more in the FAQs.


  • A strategy course for Middle Managers?

    Yes! You are the "boots on the ground" who get it done and need to know more. Sure, you are the "doers" of the organization; but you also need to be "thinkers and doers" for your unit within the organization. Consider our friend TJ. She needs to anticipate and plan for needed changes to her unit’s role in the business. If not, she and they will become irrelevant. She's a pragmatic strategist.

  • Why do I need to become a pragmatic strategist?

    Four big reasons: (1) You need to think about strategy to position you and your team for an unexplored future. (2) You need to influence and decide because its better to make things happen FOR your team than to have others make things happen TO your team. (3) You need to plan and execute to keep moving forward. Finally, (4) you need to learn to stay viable for the long term.

  • How is this course different?

    This is a hybrid course consisting of: • A maximum of fifteen participants • Reading with application exercises • Short video explanations of key concepts and tools • Five 45-minutes group sessions over Zoom • A 30-minute coaching call with each participant.

  • What competencies and skills are enhanced?

    Based on our research and experience, pragmatic strategists 1) think about the changing environment and long-term consequences; 2) make timely decisions and influence other decision makers; 3) execute effectively and efficiently; and 4) drive organizational learning

  • How much does it cost?

    The five-week pilot is $197 per person. We will use the results of the pilot to tailor the curriculum which will go into a six-week course, which will be $497 per person.

  • When will this start?

    We will launch enrollment by the end of August, 2020 and the course will start in early September.